Lawton Food Bank welcomes new executive director

Lawton Food Bank introduces new executive director in 2020

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -We're over a week into the new year, and with that can come change for some businesses like the Lawton Food Bank.

Executive Director, Jeri Mosiman retired after 13 years in December of 2019, and since then a new person has been hired to take her place.

Marny Skindrud retired from the military after 20 years and was looking for a way to help others.

Marny Skindrud is from Wisconsin, and first came to Lawton in 1999 through the Army. She retired in November and immediately began working alongside previous Executive Director, Jeri Mosiman.

“Knowing that I have the support from the board of directors and Jeri whose been here for 13 years, I mean the food bank was her baby, and so she was handing that over to me, so it’s definitely very humbling and I hope I can live up to what everybody is expecting from me," said Skindrud.

Marny said moving forward into the new year she is not going to change much. Her transition with Jeri was great.

“I’m not going to fix something that’s not broken, but during the summer time that is a big goal for me to make sure that we are keeping food drives going, and other things to keep our shelves stocked so we’re not running out of anything like cereal," said Skindrud.

Hobie Lasiter has been working at the Lawton Food Bank over four years. He said it’s good having a hard working executive director.

“So far she’s a hands on director so everything we do she has done, and does when we need the help. It’s a good job and can be stressful at times, but I always remember why I’m here and what I’m doing," said Lasiter.

Marny said so far she is enjoying every bit about her job, and knows she made the right choice.

“There is something new I’m learning everyday here. I’ve got a great group of volunteers and staff that honestly make this job so much easier. I definitely rely on them a lot to answer all of my questions. Honestly coming in right before the holidays and seeing everything that happens during the holidays here with the support of the community like Share Your Christmas that we did with you guys it’s just amazing to see that," said Skindrud.

The Lawton Food Bank is always taking donations. If you want to set up a donation time outside of business hours all you have to do is call.

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