City Council, Lawton Fire approved, passed a new Collective Bargaining Agreement

City Council, Lawton Fire approved, passed a new Collective Bargaining Agreement

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Council spent over an hour in session Tuesday night discussing the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the City of Lawton, Local 1882, and the International Association of Fire Fighters, and when they returned, a new CBA had been completed, and approved.

This has been a regular item during executive session over the past few months, and City Manager Michael Cleghorn said the final version that was approved by all parties will work to improve the quality of work, and life for members of the fire union.

This will increase the spread between steps G and H, or steps between levels of experience for the firefighters,, and will change the fire pay plan to a 5 percent increase instead of 2.5, effective January 27th.

It will also increase the spread between steps H and I in the pay plan five percent beginning 2023.

Another item added was the Me Too Clause, stating that during the agreement if general city employees receive a raise, the members of the fire union will receive that increase as well.

“It’s a 6 year contract, which is unprecedented. Across the entire state, I don’t think there has been a contract that long. That allows us to concentrate on other things, now that we have inked a deal for the CBA and for the Fire Union.," said Lawton City Manager Michael Cleghorn.

With the CBA approved, it will go into effect immediately, and the first pay increase will go into effect January 27th.

Tuesday night also served as the first meeting for Linda Chapman and Allan Hampton, who officially kicked off their term as Ward 3 and Ward 5 Representatives.


​In an attempt to conduct a scheduled city wide performance audit, council approved two items.

First, members approved Novak Consulting group as the organization who will do the audit - and in total it’ll cost 142-thousand-dollars.

The second item was how to pay for it.

Liberty National Bank and the Green Family Trust offered up 70-grand for the audit... which was approved by council.


Council approved a change that would allow all full time employees a full day off for their birthday, and part time employees will now get a half day.

Council also passed an item to create uniformity when it comes to sick, vacation days, and working overtime by requiring the hours to be turned in using quarter hour segments, rather than minute by minute.

Finally, council approved an item that gives the city manager the ability to move staff to a more desired position without creating a vacancy, or posting the job online for the public to apply for.

Lawton’s Human Resource Director Dewayne Burk said “it doesn’t happen a whole lot, but there are times when we have to do personal investigation, or there a personality conflict where people want to be separated, but this gives us, and the manager specifically the ability mange his personal effectively.”

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