Annual Teamwork Makes the Dream Work event held to honor leaders in history

Annual Teamwork Makes the Dream work event held to honor leaders in history

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -Over 90 kids of all ages have a greater understanding of the March on Washington by Dr. Martin Luther King JR. and other leaders during the civil rights movement.

Kimberly Jones, founder of Lawton Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, said their 6th annual event was to teach Lawton youth about history, but also about being a leader.

“This is our sixth year, and this year the theme was the Making of the March and what we wanted to highlight, we wanted to highlight the other leaders of the march to make sure that the students understand that you don’t always have to be up front to be leader, you can always be a leader in any aspect,” said Jones.

The event consisted of a tour, where student volunteers explained the different aspects of the famous march in our nation’s capitol and watching “The Ernest Green Story”, a film about the Little Rock Nine.

“It means to me that we get to make a difference in our community and help other people learn things about black history, especially coming up on Martin Luther King Day and you want to make sure you recognize those people who helped us out in such grateful ways,” said President of Epsilon Delta Kudos, Freeman McGahee.

“My favorite part about this is talking about Martin Luther King and people playing the instruments and stuff,” said Attendee, Kevin Mack.

Attendees were also able to sit down with Lawton professionals to learn about how they found their success in their careers.

“I wouldn’t call them professionals, I would call them legends. 46 year old plus, 30 year old plus. It’s really good to know what their work’s about, what is it like for them to go to work and what do they like to do. Just stuff to know all about them,” said President of Young Men in Action, Demarion Rosario.

“I like that they chooses to work here. Like of all places they could go, Los Angeles, any other place, but they choose to work here and how they just tell us how they like helping children, because basically everybody I asked why did they do their job, because they love helping children, and I like that, and they grew up here, or they grew up somewhere else and came here, fell in love so they just stayed here. We just had a good time. It was fun learning new stuff, learning new things and I had a good time," said VP of Young Men in Action, Bobby Burrell JR.

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