Family eager for justice following murder suspect’s extradition

Family eager for justice following murder suspect’s extradition

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - The man accused of killing a woman near Marlow in 2016 is back in Stephens County after he was found in his home country of Mexico.

Wednesday, Stephens County Deputies picked up Baltazar Sanchez-Garcia in Oklahoma City, and later that night, Sheriff McKinney says he did admit to killing Linda Salazar back in November 2016.

Stephens County DA Jason Hicks said for the extradition to happen in the first place, they had to eliminate the death penalty as an option, so he will either be tried for life, or life without parole.

Almost 3 and half years since her niece was brutally murdered south of Marlow, Teresa Corp said she can’t believe they were finally able to get Sanchez-Garcia back in the US, and now she said her family can finally breathe.

“It’s been kind of scary, because we didn’t know something like this could happen. We feared for our family because we didn’t know if he was gone, or if he was going to come back," said Corp.

Based on the initial investigation, DA Jason Hicks said he believes immediately after the murder, Garcia fled to the border. So between their initial contact with Mexican officials, it took from November 2017, until May 2019 for a warrant in Mexico, and then it took less than a month to bring him to custody.

“There were multiple agencies trying to get in front of him before he made it on the border, because we had suspicions that’s where he was headed, and we just couldn’t get in front of him, stop him," said Hicks.

And once he made it to Mexico, Hicks said that’s when they realized this was out of their hands as they waited for Mexican Officials, US Marshals to locate him.

“Knowing he was in Mexico, and that we are really at the mercy of another country. Not knowing if they were going to take him into custody, or send him back. Yeah it’s been really frustrating, and I know it has been for the victim’s family as well," said Hicks.

And with the trial beginning as soon as possible, Corp said it will be hard to relive this all over again, especially face to face with Garcia, the father of Linda’s child, but, they are hopeful justice will finally be served.

“Every time we talk about her life, or visit her grave side, we try to let everyone know, or post #justiceforlinda because that’s what we’ve been waiting for," said Corp.

Sanchez-Garcia will have his bond hearing tomorrow afternoon.

Corp says her family plans on being there in support of Linda, and her daughter.

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