Lawton woman gets home renovated through Homeowner Rehabilitation Project

Lawton woman gets home renovated through Homeowner Rehabilitation Project

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -A woman is thanking the City of Lawton for making renovations to her home that she's lived in for 50 years.

It was made possible through The Housing and Community Development Division. It’s a project that allows for low income homeowners to have renovations done to the inside of their home.

“Oh my God. I didn’t know it was going to look this. Oh my God," said Homeowner, Janet McGee.

The Housing and Community Development Division sponsors multiple renovations a year through federal grants.

Every year they receive about $1,000,000. All the homeowner has to do is move out and pay a percentage of the costs.

“The federal grant pays for every drop of this. They pay for the contractor, they pay for the management, and my staff is totally funded through the grant,” said Administrator of Housing Community Development, Christine James.

Janet McGee moved into an apartment with her son for 45 days during construction. She said she’s excited to be back at home.

“I’m shaken. I thank God for Mrs. Christine’s team, and I thank God for Little and Mr. Jackson. I was just surprised and I am thankful and I am grateful," said McGee.

James said the contractors meet with the homeowners up front to get an idea of what they want.

“This house was touched everywhere. Brand new floor, new base boards, new doors, complete new kitchen. The cabinets are existing, we re-faced the new doors and re-stained. The bathrooms are both gut jobs and reconstructed,” said James.

McGee said this home once belonged to her parents.

“It’s nicer and it’s better, and I know my mother and daddy would be pleased if they were living. The main woman, Mrs. Christine she done it. I didn’t have no worries. I gave this house to her to do. This was her house, not mine. Now it’s mine again," said McGee.

The renovation cost about $34,000. McGee will pay 15% of that over a period of 10 years in low monthly payments.

For more information, or to apply for this project you can visit The Housing and Community Development Division’s office inside the Owen’s Multipurpose Center on 11th street.

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