Proposed bill could impact dispensary locations

Proposed bill could impact dispensary locations-1/27/2020

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -There have been quite a few bills filed this legislative session related to marijuana in the state, one of those being house bill 2779.

It would prohibit new medical marijuana dispensaries from operating within 1,000 feet of places of worship.

House Bill 2779, would not affect current dispensaries near churches, but would prohibit new ones.

Dispensary owner John Wolfenbarger says he doesn't understand the reasoning behind this bill.

“Doesn’t makes sense, because God created weed,” said Wolfenbarger. “If you’re a churchgoer and you believe in divine creation, you believe God created everything, including the herbs. It’s medicine, so I don’t understand it.”

State Representative Daniel Pae says he has not gotten to speak with the author of the bill yet, Representative Jim Olsen, but he hopes to sit down with him to discuss his intent behind the bill.

“Keep in mind, this was one of a couple thousand bills filed between the house and the senate,” said Pae. “So it’s still got a long ways to go before it potentially passes the house, the senate, and the governors desk. And there’s always the possibility for amendments and trying to further clean up the language of the bill to make them better.”

Pae says he thinks there could be a compromise between both sides of the measure.

“Perhaps having instead of 1,000 feet, have it be 300 feet,” said Pae. “Similar to how a bar can’t operate within 300 feet of a church. Something that may not have been considered during the discussion of this bill.”

House Bill 2779 also cleans up some of the language regarding employment protection for medical marijuana cardholders.

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