City Council approves sidewalk project priority list

City Council approves sidewalk project priority list

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Lawton City Council approved an initial plan for new sidewalk priorities.

It’s all thanks to a plan to fund them through Medical Marijuana Sales Tax Revenue.

City Council Member and LETA Chairman Jay Burk said this priority list centered around three very busy areas in town – Rogers Lane to Cache Road near Sheridan, Cache Road to Homestead, and 38th and Gore to 57th and Gore Near Eisenhower schools.

“We see people walking on the mud, or on the side of the street, and whether it’s a soldier, or kids, or whatever, we just want a safe place for people to be, and we can do that through these sidewalks we have always wanted,” said Jay Burk.

City Planner Richard Rogalski said the total cost of these sidewalks would be around $420,000, and with an average revenue of 25,000 from marijuana sales tax, that would take about 18 months to fund.

So instead, they will work as the money comes in.

“LETA plans on getting these sidewalks built in smaller segments. So instead of waiting 18 months, then building all that sidewalk, they will start it in sections,” said Rogalski.

“We are going to do it in sections, small sections so we can a half block ,block or two blocks, or whatever we can afford at the time,” said Burk.

Rogalski said this priority list has been around for some time, the city just had no way to fund it.

“The Lawton access board has been meeting for the last few years, and they have these as their 1,2,3 priorities, So LETA essentially just adopted those, because it makes sense,” said Rogalski.

And as long as this funding remains where it is, Burk said they hopefully can extend this to other areas down the line.

“Hopefully, we will be able to go from arterials, to other roads that connect to those, and get those roads tied together, but that’s years of work," said Burk.

Despite the total project estimated to take about 18 months, Burk said he’s hopeful LETA gets to work on at least sections of these sidewalks by April.

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