Testimony begins in Delante Lawrence murder trial

Testimony begins in Delante Lawrence murder trial

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Testimony began Tuesday afternoon in the murder trial of Delante Lawrence. Lawrence is facing 10 total charges, including first-degree murder, for killing La’Munt Pickens - Hawkins in Lawton in April 2018.

Jurors heard opening statements from both sides before hearing from two men who say they were in the house when the shooting happened.

One of those men was Antonio Marroquin, who testified the shooting happened at the home of his uncle, Al Marroquin. He said he was at the house talking to his uncle, who told him his marijuana dealer was coming over. Antonio said he asked his uncle if he could also buy weed from that guy, who he identified as "T". He said he did not know who he was, though he said today he later learned that "T" was Lawrence. He testified when Lawrence was on his way, he Facetimed his friends, including La’Munt Pickens - Hawkins, and told them to come over and smoke with them.

He said when his friends got there and walked in the door, Lawrence shot at Pickens – Hawkins. That’s when he said his uncle stepped in, ultimately getting shot he was fighting for the gun. Antonio testified that before he died, La’Munt told him the man who shot him was “Vontae’s brother.” In his testimony, he said Antonio said that some of his friends “had beef” with Vontae.

The other witness was Al Marroquin, who also testified that the shooting happened at his house. He told a similar story to his nephew, but in cross-examination, he testified that he had a bad memory and couldn't remember the names of the people at his house during the shooting, one of which was his then-girlfriend.

The prosecution said after the shooting, Lawrence led police on a high-speed chase, which jurors are expected to hear testimony about later this week. As for the defense, in opening statements, they painted a picture of the shooting being in self-defense.

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