Duncan teachers receive DEX Awards to apply in classroom

Duncan teachers receive DEX Award to apply in classroom

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) -Duncan teachers are taking learning to a whole new level through the Demons Excellence Awards also known as DEX Awards.

The Duncan Public Schools Foundation had close to 50 teachers apply for a DEX Award this school year.

Two teachers at Will Rogers Elementary School recently received a DEX Award. It was $1,000 that they could use for their classroom.

Katelyn Roberson said she was able to buy 11 different things, all in which improve sensory skills.

“It has helped with them being able to build it on their own and then figure out what works. Does this work, and if it falls over or gets knocked down they’re like it’s okay we can rebuild it," said Teacher, Katelyn Roberson.

Misty Blanton used a majority of her money to go toward flexible seating for her students.

“They’re able to wiggle, move, stand, or squat or sit to stay more attentive with their work, and to listen and it just makes it more fun and interesting for little ones," said Teacher, Misty Blanton.

DEX Awards are funded through donors annually. Haylee Root with the Duncan Public Schools Foundation said they approve all teachers for the awards as long as there’s a need for what they want.

“We know and we can see how it directly impacts our teachers, the students, and really in a overall picture it benefits the district and the community because happier teachers build happier schools, happier students, and happier parents," said Root.

Roberson said she’s very grateful for the award and enjoys seeing her kids excited to engage and learn.

“I purchase a lot for my classroom, but there’s a lot of things they needed and wanted that was out of my price range, and so when I got the DEX, I was so excited," said Roberson.

To donate, or learn more about the Demons Excellence Awards, you can go to Duncankids.org.

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