Road crews prepare ahead of winter storm

Road crews prepare ahead of winter storm - clipped version

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -Ahead of the winter storm, the City of Lawton is getting ready to put out over 40 tons of sand on the streets.

Today City of Lawton street crews worked to get their equipment loaded up and ready to go.

“We get everything prepped,” said Brody Huggins, senior equipment operator. “We get our boxes on, and then we get ready to come over here and do a couple practice sessions with the truck to make sure everything is working properly on the vehicles.”

Crews will be dispatched tonight when the storm system arrives...each truck holding over 6 tons of a sand-salt mixture.

“So the salt obviously is to help melt any ice underneath there,” said Cliff Haggenmiller, Streets & Traffic Control Supervisor. “The sand is to provide traction while that material is working.”

Haggenmiller says they’ll focus on the main streets first.

“We take all the arterials,” said Haggenmiller. “Those are pretty much our primary routes. That’s Cache Road, Lee Blvd, Sheridan and so on. So once we’re able to complete the primaries, we’ll go off and do the secondaries.”

Haggenmiller offers this advice... to keep you safe.

“Please if you don’t have to go out, please do not go out,” said Haggenmiller. “There’s a lot of instances where we’ll go out there and unable to salt and sand the roads because there is vehicles actually stuck.”

However, if you do have to drive and you come up on one of their sand trucks...

“Please stay back about 200 feet,” said Huggins. “We do have our lights on and everything like that so you will see us. Try not to get too close to us because on the back of it, the sand will be shooting out pretty far.”

Oklahoma Department of Transportation also worked to pre-treat the highways today, putting down a brine solution to help melt the ice from underneath.

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