Unburied dead dogs spark outrage among Cache residents

Unburied dead dogs spark outrage among Cache residents

CACHE, Okla. (TNN) - A Facebook post showing a pile of euthanized dogs left out in the open by the Cache pound has caused outrage among some residents.

The dogs were discovered by a woman who has chosen to remain anonymous. She had been walking along the fence next to the city property behind the pound, which is near her home.

“I came across this pile of dead dogs. There was six of them," said the woman. "They looked like beautiful, healthy dogs and they were just murdered, laying in a pile.”

The woman said she was traumatized by the sight.

She shared the news with a neighbor, Gary Hataway.

“I went and saw that. It was just a terrible sight," said Hataway. "It stuck with me.”

Hataway took photos and shared them to the Cache Rant and Rage Facebook page.

“On something like that, I think the public should be aware of what’s really going on with our city,” said Hataway. “It’s supposed to be an animal shelter, and that didn’t show me it was a shelter with a big pile of dogs in the open just left there.”

The post received hundreds of likes and comments from fellow Cache residents.

“The backhoe came after there was some outrage on Facebook," said the woman. "It was on Sunday during church. Here comes the backhoe to dig them, to cover them up.”

Hataway, who has 14 dogs himself, said the experience has changed him.

“I look at stuff a little bit different and ask myself how could someone do that? How could that be the humane way of doing something?” said Hataway.

Hataway said he hopes this never happens again.

“Well I hope whoever is responsible, maybe the law enforcement would take some kind of action and make sure that our pound, shelter is run in a proper way and not to ever let that happen again,” said Hataway.

The mayor of Cache is investigating this incident. He said he does not want to make a statement until after the investigation is over.

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