Cache residents attend city council meeting regarding unburied euthanized dogs

Cache residents attend city council meeting regarding unburied euthanized dogs

CACHE, Okla. (TNN) - The discovery of euthanized dogs found laying on the ground in Cache, caused an outpouring of criticism on social media regarding the way Cache Animal Control handles dogs.

Monday night, community members spearheading change brought their ideas to the council.

“Our intention is to work with the city government, to volunteer, to promote the shelter, for health hazard reasons, we’d like to see no kill,” says Terri Utter with the new group Cache Community Critter Crusaders.

“They hold them for 72 hours. Day one is the day they pick them up, hold them for day two, and day three is when they euthanized the animals. That’s not enough time to help these animals find homes, we are just asking for them to extend that two weeks,” said Linda Pibishy, also of Cache Community Critter Crusaders.

Cache's Mayor says seeing these community members here, even if they are frustrated, means positive change is coming.

“We are looking at improving our facilities, hiring more help, getting these community members involved to get these dogs adopted out, that’s a good thing,” said mayor Shawn Komahcheet.

Council also approved a two week animal control course this summer for the animal control specialist, and decided on a new contract with a vet to help with euthanization, neutering or general care for these animals.

He says obviously they want to hold these dogs for longer, but circumstances sometimes mean the tough calls have to be made.

“At times, we are overrun with animals, and people in the county continue to dump on us because they know we have a shelter, there’s not a lot we can do,” said Komahcheet.

He says some of these citizens were under the impression the city didn't want help at the shelter, but he just wants to clear up that they want help, it just needs to be organized.

“The only suggestion I made to them was to have them come at reasonable time, during business hours, and have a city employee there. The animal control guy is perfect for that,” said Komahcheet.

And while nothing was approved for the volunteer organization, they do plan on formally discussing the items at next month's meeting.

“We are hoping to city government works with us, because after all it’s in their mission statement to protect and serve the citizens. Protecting them would be dealing with the health hazard, serving us would be also hearing what we have to say, and working with the homeless animal situation," said Terri Utter.

We will continue to follow this story, and will update it as soon as Cache formally announces any changes they will put in place at the pound.

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