Elgin 2nd graders complete $1 kindness projects

Elgin 2nd graders complete $1 kindness projects

ELGIN, Okla. (TNN) - Second-grade students in Elgin recently completed a kindness project where they were given $1 and told to do something nice with it.

The idea was to show the kids that they don't need crazy amounts of money to do kind things for others.

What the seven and eight-year-old decided to do for their projects was completely up to them.

"My project was paying forward for someone at McDonald’s,” said 2nd grader Lydia Allen.

"I decided to donate cat food to the Lawton animal shelter,” said 2nd grader Maliyah Williams.

"I donated it to the Ronald McDonald House,” said 2nd grader Brock Mendoza.

Many of the students even did extra chores to earn more money to give away. They then put their money into buying things like breakfast for police officers and care packages for soldiers.

"A lot of my students chose to donate food to the blessing box we have here in Elgin, which helps people who are struggling to provide food. They go to the blessing box and can take what they need so a lot of my students chose to do that,” said Elgin 2nd grade teacher Jenn Pineo.

This is the second year Pineo has incorporated this project into her class. She hopes it sends the kids a good message at an early age.

"I think in today’s world it’s so easy to look over small simple acts of kindness. I want to show them it doesn’t have to always be a big huge thing. Seeing them come in and talking about their projects and the big smile on their faces. I know I’ve planted the seeds in them that hopefully will continue to grow and that kindness will become a way of life for them,” Pineo said.

Pineo said she hopes the kids learn how it feels to help others, and it sounds like they did.

"It made me feel really good inside and outside. Please treat people the way you want to be treated,” Allen said.

"I’m happy because now cats have more food to eat,” Williams said.

"It feels good because I like helping people,” Mendoza said.

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