Lawton group starts community-wide weight loss challenge

Lawton group starts community-wide weight loss challenge

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Lawton Proud is inviting residents to join the 580 Challenge: a community-wide weight loss challenge with the goal of losing 5,800 pounds collectively by the end of 2020.

Lawton Proud started the 580 Challenge to support others on their weight loss journey and also to help Lawton Fort Sill become the healthier community that it is striving to be.

“We develop basically the support system where we can all be encouraging one another to adopt this lifestyle, but also be a part of the challenge," said Brandi Sims, a Lawton Proud committee member. "Let’s all lose weight together. Let’s become a healthier community.”

One day into the 580 Challenge, and nearly 50 people have already signed up.

Each person sets their own health goals and tracks their progress at weigh-in stations located at different businesses around town.

“I think bringing in that community aspect of where we’re in constant contact with one another, we’ll keep in mind, ‘hey, we’re on a journey together,’ and so getting Chill Nutrition, the YMCA, Southwest Barbell and many others getting on board with the weigh-in sites or gym partners or nutrition partners, will give our individuals who are part of the 580 Challenge some avenues of success,” said Alberto Rivas, a Lawton Proud committee member.

“I love that we’re getting the community involved," said Kristin Carter, owner of Chill Nutrition. "Oklahoma in general and America in general, we are definitely an obese region and it would be great to work on that and fix it.”

Sims said there are 580 Challenge social media pages that are dedicated for support.

“How was your workout today, what did you eat, and sharing tips, tricks, anything that’s been helpful to you, as far as adopting that healthier lifestyle," said Sims. "But ultimately, it’s going to be a continue to grow, and as many people as we can get involved, the better.”

Lawton Proud partners and affiliate organizations will host health events, lunch and learns, cooking shows and more during the 580 Challenge.

To learn more about the 580 Challenge or sign up, visit

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