Maryland teacher accused of giving students lap dances

BALTIMORE (WBFF/CNN) - Police in Maryland are investigating a possible incident of child abuse at an elementary school involving a substitute teacher acting inappropriately with a fourth grade class.

Laura Glover says her 10-year-old daughter was in that classroom of fourth graders Tuesday when school officials say the female substitute teacher was removed from class because of “inappropriate behavior” with students.

“She supposedly kissed a child or two. She was bouncing up and down on their laps...basically a lap dance," Glover said.

She says the teacher also included asking her daughter and other children to identify body parts.

Police are not releasing details, but say they learned of the incident when another parent drove to a precinct to file a police report.

Glover says the substitute grabbed her daughter when the child refused to move her chair.

“She proceeded to tickle her and grabbed her from underneath her armpits and she dug her nails under, into my daughter’s arm pits," she said.

In a statement, the school says they “will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior by staff" and that "an investigation is ongoing.”

Baltimore County Schools says the woman has been removed from the system’s pool of substitute teachers.

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