Meet the winners of KSWO”s Valentine’s Day Contest - Teletha and Kenneth Hunt

Meet the winners of KSWO”s Valentine’s Day Contest - Teletha and Kenneth Hunt

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The Hunt’s story begins in 2016... after Teletha had been single for more than decade, following a marriage she said she was lucky to get out of.

Finally, she asked God to put a good man in her life, and a few weeks later, Kenneth moved in next door.

“Then the lawnmower broke, and his dad pushed him over to come and meet me, and everything is history," said Teletha.

“My dad pushed me over and said go talk to her, go over and see what you can do to help her, and the rest of it goes from there," said Kenneth.

After that day, she said the relationship developed quickly, thanks to both of them enjoying conversations in the front yard.

"We spent a lot of time just hanging out on the front porch, getting to know each other. He just wasn't going to give up."

While the beginning was like a fairy tale, the couple says it didn't take long for the tough to get going after their marriage in 2016.

That's when Kenneth was diagnosed with an issue in his pancreas... one doctors still can't explain.

“In December 2018, I had a mass removed form my pancreas the size of a strawberry, and it was fast growing, and they told me if they didn’t remove it when they did, it would’ve killed me,” said Kenneth.

But, it wasn't just Kenneth struggling with his health...Teletha survived a heart attack in 2015, and just last December... Doctors found pre-cancer cells on her cervix, and next month... that will be removed.

Despite that coming up soon, the couple said Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating their love.

"Kinda just let loose, and leave the outside world outside. Im super excited, In fact I thought I was going to have to pick her up when she heard we won. I never win anything, so I didn't expect t win, but we are excited."

Teletha said in a time where all hoped seemed lost... they never gave up on each other, just like Noah & Allie in the Notebook.

“As far as i’m concerned, she’s my whole world, I can’t imagine my life without her,” said Kenneth.

“Yep, he’s my knight in shining armor, my everything, my answered prayer,” said Teletha.

Congratulations to the Hunt Family, and thanks to all the other contest entries!

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