New automated system to allow self scan to enter Bentley Gate

New automated system to allow self scan to enter Bentley Gate

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - Starting Monday, military members and civilians will be able to scan themselves in at Bentley Gate to get on post.

This automated system will allow you to scan through the gate with the bar code on the back of your Fort Sill I.D or visitors pass.

Once your cleared, the light will turn green and the gate will lift, allowing you to drive through.

“I’m actually very excited for it, we have a lot of different features in the automated insulation program and this is just one of those features," said Chief of Physical Security, Mark Brown.

The automated system will help reduce traffic.

“We are hoping that this will ease access to the customers coming into fort sill to allow it to speed traffic flow and ease amount of wait time at the gate," said Captain Justin Bruffett.

Bruffett says he’s seen cars backed all the way up Rogers Lane, which is about a mile away from Bentley Gate.

“Yeah, its frustrating, I mean we’ve all done it. You sit in your car for a while and you do get frustrated you know and they like to blame everybody but it just takes that long to get on base," said Bruffett.

Bruffett explains what will happen if your bar code doesn’t lift the gate, “Inside the guard shake it displays your information on the computer, a security guard or solider will come out and verify that you are you and your pass is current and then they’ll open the gate."

The automated system feature will begin Monday morning at 5:00 and will shut off at 10:00 p.m.

The trial period will last 90 days.

Officials will also be keeping up with how many people scan through and at what time.

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