What’s next for Snyder Public Schools following two failed school bonds

What’s next for Snyder Public Schools following two failed school bonds

SNYDER, Okla. (TNN) - It’s been more than forty years since Snyder Public Schools benefited from local tax dollars, and after their two propositions failed this year, the Superintendent said it’s back to the drawing board.

The Snyder School Board worked for nearly 18 months on two propositions.

The first focused on Capital Improvements for the schools, totaling 3.2 million dollars.

“New roof over our high school, safe rooms at all three sites, restroom renovations at our elementary and primary site. Also address window and siding issues at high school and elementary sites, and heat and air units district wide,” said Snyder Superintendent Travis Gates.

The second proposition focused on transportation needs, totaling $450,000.

“That would have provided one activity bus, two route buses, an Agriculture truck and two Suburbans,” said Gates.

He said despite so much public support during the creation of the bond, the proposed tax increase played a big role in the overwhelming no vote.

“The impact to our patrons was about a 22 percent tax increase, because we’ve not had any bonds on the roll since 1979. Every school district we border has some of type of bond issue on their tax roll. We are the only school in the area not taxing our people,” said Gates.

Snyder’s maintenance team said to fix the necessary problems, the district is essentially out of options.

“We’ll just keep going on like we have been, just patching what we can patch with the money we have to fix it with now,” said Chuck Phillips, the maintenance supervisor.

The maintenance team, who is tasked with these problems too big to fix said if any of the no voters don’t believe these are serious, to come down and see for themselves.

“He had meetings and stuff, and not a lot of people showed up, but they had an opinion. I’m not saying your opinion is right or wrong, but at least educate yourself on it a little bit," said Brandon Hale, part of the maintenance team.

And with no new money coming in, Gates said next week the board will begin work on a new bond proposal for 2021.

“We will meet with our board again in March, and really try to dig down and figure out what they did not like," said Gates.

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