Frederick robotics team competing for world championship

Frederick robotics team competing for world championship

FREDERICK, Okla. (TNN) - Despite being one of the smallest schools in the state with a team, the Frederick robotics team will soon be competing for a world championship.

240 teams from across the globe will compete to be named world champion in April. For the second consecutive year, students from Frederick will be among them.

"It's really exciting, it's my senior my year, my last year, I've worked for three years so it's really rewarding to be able to go and just experience it,” said Frederick High School senior Azlee Clark.

"It’s really amazing. This is our second year and last year we grew so much as a community with robotics and our STEM has really grown since then,” said Frederick High School senior Brianna Weber.

The competition will consist of several challenges, including putting the robots through an exercise.

"We get a block and it will move under a bridge. There are two different bridges, we have to move under the shorter one, so it has to be a certain height and length and width. It moves under this bridge then it has to grab the foundation, move it, put the block on it and park,” Clark said.

The team started working on their robot in October. Students say they face difficulties others at bigger schools might not have to deal with.

"It’s not easy. We have to do something every day. We have fifty minutes and we work the entire time, start to finish, even after school, on snow days, stuff like that,” Clark said.

The team will also be interviewed by a panel of judges, who will ask them about their robot and the work they do in the community.

"How do we spread stem in our community. How does our team differ from other teams and they also ask about our robot, what can we do, what are our types of programming, we have about 32 now,” Weber said.

Weber said for that portion they’ll certainly talk about how diverse working out of a small town like Frederick has made their team.

"There are quite a few teams that are all boys or all girls. And a lot of the other teams they just do robotics, our team we’re not just in robotics. Pretty much everyone on our team we do something else outside or inside the school. There are people in art, band, choir, sports of pretty much every kind. I think that’s one grand thing about our school. They don’t limit us to what we can do, we do whatever we want to do,” Weber said.

Frederick’s robotics coach said the kids have done an incredible job of promoting STEM education and their team in the community. In fact, they’ve done such a good job that there are now sixty students on a waiting list just trying to join the team. The competition starts on April 15th in Houston.

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