MILITARY MONDAYS: Tracking your health with metabolic and cardio respiratory testing

MILITARY MONDAYS: Tracking your heath with metabolic and cardio respiratory testing

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - We’re in week two of a new series highlighting health and fitness initiatives on Fort Sill. This Monday, 7News reporter, Hunter McEachern, went through several tests to learn what she can improve on.

"This is week two of my health and wellness series here at Fort Sill. Today, I'm going to be doing a metabolic test and a fitness test. Let's get started!"

Breath in, breath out. That’s all I had to do for the metabolic test.

I had to lie down, fitted with a mask while the machine analyzed how much oxygen I use... and how many calories I burn while resting.

“From that, they’re able to determine what the person’s resting metabolic rate is. Then as the educators, we’re sitting over here calculating the exercise calories a person’s burning and dividing those by 7 and then we put those numbers together and that gives somebody how much they’re body is burning and how much energy they’re using during the day," said health educator for the Amy Wellness Center, Sheri Geiger.

My resting metabolic and my BMI both came out in the normal range.

To get an accurate result, they recommend fasting for at least five hours, and no exercise 14 hours before the results are taken.

Next up was the fitness test.

I opted to walk on an incline to test my cardio respiratory fitness.

Wearing a mask, I walked for about 12 minutes, increasing the incline every minute.

“We’re taking somebody’s heart rate up to 85% of its max to determine one’s heart rate training zones. So if somebody wants to improve their cardio respiratory fitness, they have an idea of what kind of heart rates they want to get in their training in order to achieve their results," said Geiger.

Next up for the fitness test was back strength, grip strength and the sit and reach.

Well, those results did not go how I thought they would.

But Geiger told me not to be discouraged, it probably just meant I had hit a plateau in my training.

“If you like your current level of training, and HIIT training is very popular and it’s proven to be very helpful in helping people to reach goals where they want to get more fit. So, you’re on the right track. Probably just need to add another session to it, and maybe look at doing some other types of cardio, maybe at an endurance level,” said Geiger.

My spirits were lifted when I met Ora Hughes, a retiree’s wife.

Hughes has been utilizing Fort Sill’s resources since 2018 and has seen great success.

“I went from 170 to 130," said Hughes.

Hughes says before starting the health and wellness program at Fort Sill, her fitness program was inconsistent.

“I would walk here and there and with friends, wouldn’t eat anything for a day, or something like that, but it wasn’t anything that was good for my body. And I wasn’t losing the weight I wanted, but this worked out real nice. This was made for me. So, I like that," Hughes said.

I've got my work cut out for me, but I'm determined to follow Fort Sill's plan.

Tune in next Monday night at 10 to see how I fare in my practice run of the Army Combat Fitness Test.

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