SWOK Superintendents discuss plan for coronavirus

SWOK Superintendents discuss plan for coronavirus

COMANCHE COUNTY, Okla. (TNN) - Spring Break begins next week for many schools in Southwest Oklahoma, and while students and families will be enjoying their week off, local Superintendents said the coronavirus has changed their schedules.

Over the next week while students are away, officials at local schools will be busy monitoring the coronavirus, and the spreading here in OK.

“I don’t know if it has to be a kid at our school, I just think it’s one case in the county period that would cause alot of fear, a lot of action,” said Cache Superintendent Chad Hance.

And the maintenance staff’s will join them in a busy spring break at home.

“We will have our sanitation crew come in, and thoroughly clean the campus. It’s a chance when the kids are gone, so they can really get in there,” said Elgin Superintendent Nate Meraz.

Because spring break is often vacation time for families, Hance said another concern are students who come back to the district, and were potentially exposed while out of Comanche County.

“How are we going to handle those kids that are high risk, that have some issues when we do come back,” said Hance.

All three districts said they have been discussing what could happen education wise if school was forced to close for extended periods.

At LPS, even with 14,000 students, Dr. Thomas said it could be possible.

“We are surveying parents right now about their ability to receive online instruction, decide which kids can do that, which kids we need to provide devices too,” said LPS Interim Superintendent Dr. Tom Thomas.

But at Cache and Elgin, they said a lack of resources would make that very difficult to accomplish, and would put many kids at a disadvantage.

“We just don’t have the ability to offer every student in our district a device, or internet access,” said Hance.

As superintendent, Meraz said some decisions are easier to make than others, and regarding the coronavirus and what to do next, he said it’s important to rely on professionals to make that call.

“We are going to make decisions on if it’s too icy to drive, or if there’s a power outage, how long can we stay in school without power. Those things I’m well equipped. This is a whole other ball game, and we are going to rely on the experts," said Meraz.

If you are a parent of a student in SWOK, be sure you are getting information regarding schedule changes directly from the school, whether it be through email or Facebook.

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