DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - Duncan residents are just a few short weeks away from heading to the polls to vote on a $27.775 million school bond.

Every night this week, 7NEWS will give a look inside that bond, walking through how each dollar will be spent starting with storm shelters and, more specifically, the two spots in the district that don’t have them.

“We just go in the hall, put the helmets on and pray,” said Duncan High School teacher Darren Cobble when asked what he and his students do in the case of severe weather.

“Last year we had a pretty legitimate threat where we had to go into the hallway, we put the helmets on. Kids were pretty concerned,” Cobble said.

Duncan Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan said fortunately, that is not a concern at the majority of the district’s schools. But it is at some.

“All of our sites have good strong shelters or a safe room. However, our high school with 1,100 students has no safe room, has no storm shelter. In addition to that, Haliburton stadium that has 300 students there every afternoon at the same time in the middle of tornado season, has no storm shelter. Putting storm shelters in the district in those two high need locations is a high priority,” Deighan said.

The bond would be for $27.775 million. If passed, $2.47 million would go directly towards storm shelters.

“One of the best things about this is this is not expected to be a tax increase at all to any of the homeowners or property owners in Duncan. When we did this, we have a series of bonds that are about to expire so being able to do this without it being a tax increase was a priority for the board. This will be no tax increase and we based that on the most conservative estimates we possibly could,” Deighan said.

Dr. Deighan says as a whole, the bond will affect every student, every program and every school in the district. 7NEWS will continue telling you every aspect of the bond, continuing Tuesday with $4.33 million worth of upgrades to Haliburton Stadium and $1.855 million worth of upgrades to the Duncan High School auditorium.

Election Day is April 7.

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