Two soldiers nearing graduation after re-enlisitng in military

Two soldiers nearing graduation after re-enlisting in military

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Two soldiers on Fort Sill are sharing their stories on why they chose to re-enlist in the military.

Both first joining after the 9/11 attacks, and getting out before retirement, and now back in basic training.

Specialists Brian Kotzot and Josephus Tudtud are less than a month away from graduation.

Specialist Kotzot is from California, and joined the Army at age 17. He served seven years before getting out.

“The deployments were a big toll on my life and they kind of curved me from having one so I wanted to have a break from that as well, take a try at college and having a career, so I got out and did all those things, and found that the military was a better suit for me after all,” said Kotzot.

Specialist Tudtud originally from New York City enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2002. He served four years and says there was not a real reason for getting out at that time.

“I wish I would have spoken to someone about career choices back then. I don’t regret it. I was able to build some experiences. I got my GI Bill, got my degree off of that, and now I’m coming back and contributing to the Army,” said Tudtud.

Both soldiers say they realized the military was the best fit for them after experiencing other careers.

“I was realizing that I could’ve done better, could’ve been a lot closer toward retirement, and I would’ve had a lot more days off if I would’ve stayed in," said Kotzot.

Specialist Tudtud says he would advise other soldiers to talk with their mentors before getting out of the military.

“Look within the military for options instead of outside the military. There may be a different MOS or unit, or place. Sometimes those things can make a big difference in your standard of living and how you’re going to live your life in the military, so the military is not one big job, but actually a list of opportunities that you can choose from throughout your career,” said Tudtud.

Both having to go through basic training again…. are now nearing the finish line.

“Knowing that I’ll be going back to the regular Army and having a normal day to day life, 9-5 kind of helps motivate me. Knowing that I have family I’ll come to see here soon that all kind of helps push me, and this all less than a month away,” said Kotzot.

Both soldiers will undergo more training on Fort Sill after graduation before being stationed at a military base.

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