DUNCAN SCHOOL BOND: Repairing roofs, HVAC systems

DUNCAN SCHOOL BOND: Repairing roofs, HVAC systems

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - The Duncan Public Schools Superintendent says the majority of the roofs and HVAC systems in the district need to be replaced, which is why nearly $6 million will be dedicated to that if a school bond is passed.

“If it rains, we never know where it’s going to leak. Then also the air conditioning system, it’s an old boiler – chiller system. It’s not a case of if it leaks, it’s when it leaks because eventually, it will, it’s just so old,” said Duncan High School teacher Kevin Zinn.

Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan said funding to replace roofs would impact every school in the district.

“When we talk about roofing in a district like this, all of our roofs are at least 15 years old, most of them are 20 years old. By putting aside $300,000 a year for roofing, that will enable us to keep up and hopefully replace about 2/3 of our roofs over the next 10 years,” Deighan said.

In total, $3 million would be set aside to replace roofs. An additional $2.925 million would go towards heat and air.

“Our HVAC needs are a little more acute than some of the other areas. We have 450 units currently and 380 of them are 15 years old or older. By setting aside $200,000 year that will allow us to replace at least 20 a year and over the next 10 years we’ll be able to keep ahead of the need for replacing a large-scale number of HVAC units,” Deighan said.

The total bond is for $27.775 million with the majority of that going towards specific purposes. There is, however, one portion of the money that Dr. Deighan says has not yet been allocated.

“By law, we can set aside 30 percent of a bond for unallocated or unspecified needs. We set aside a little over one million dollars just in case as a contingency in case some of our numbers, you never know how much something is going to cost until you actually get the bids. We are trying to be prudent; we needed a little bit of a cushion there to make sure we made the right decisions,” Deighan said.

If the bond is passed, it’s not expected to bring any tax increase. The election was supposed to be the first week of April, but due to coronavirus concerns, it has been pushed back. It has not yet been rescheduled.

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