DUNCAN SCHOOL BOND: Addressing transportation needs

DUNCAN SCHOOL BOND: Addressing transportation needs

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - New buses, district vehicles, and a transportation facility could be on the horizon for Duncan Public Schools if a $27.775 million bond proposal is passed.

The election for that bond was set for April but due to concerns from the coronavirus, it has been pushed back. A new date has not yet been set.

Duncan Public Schools partially addressed their transportation needs with a school bond back in 2017, but transportation director LeeAnn Millan says they still have several issues - starting with four buses that desperately need to be replaced to keep the kids that ride them safe.

“The four route buses right now, the last two weeks have broken down several times. To get them on a good, secure bus and know that they’re safe getting to and from, that’s important,” Millan said.

Two million dollars would be set aside for buses, coming in increments of $200,000 each year. That would allow the district to purchase two new buses every year for a decade. Another $100,000 would also be used every year to purchase new district vehicles.

“The district has a number of vehicles we use, for example, delivering lunches every day, we have a fleet of vehicles,” said Duncan Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan.

“We’ve got some vehicles that are over 200,000 miles on the actual vehicles themselves. We have some of the child nutrition vehicles where they no longer make the parts for them, we have to special order them off of eBay and they are sparse out there. And those trucks deliver their food,” Millan said.

The district also hopes to change where all of those vehicles are stored.

“We have an opportunity to purchase a facility and combine both our maintenance and transportation departments into one, which will save the district a considerable amount of money in operations,” Deighan said.

“It would get us out of the flood plains, where every time it rains, we watch for the creek when it starts to crest. Then we have to move all the buses to higher ground or they’re at risk. So, we spend a lot of time out here, wading the waters just trying to get them to higher ground,” Millan said.

If passed, Deighan says the bond would not bring any tax increase to Duncan voters.

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