Area school districts preparing for distance learning

Area school districts preparing for distance learning

CACHE, Okla. (TNN) - With the announcement that all Oklahoma school districts would be required to keep their doors closed the rest of the semester, local superintendents are quickly developing plans for distance learning.

For students at Cache, their plan involves using the websites they use everyday.

“We are trying to make it simple to use, user friendly, something the kids feel confident in using, something they’ve used before,” said Cache Superintendent Chad Hance.

At Sterling, they plan to use a hybrid of documents students can pick up every few weeks, and online materials. But a main concern for local schools are the students who either don't have a computer, or internet access..

“We think it’s going to be about 140 Chromebooks and I-pads we are going to issue out. As far as internet access, I think three quarters of our students have that and for the one’s who don’t, we have to serve them as well,” said Sterling Superintendent Kent Lemons.

With less strenuous assignments expected, Lemons said regression will be impossible to avoid.

"We hope this will give everyone a chance to stay in the learning mode, and when we come back in the fall, hopefully we can catch up a little quicker because we did this,” said Lemons.

Hance said his plan is to push students to stay engaged, without this having the opportunity to negatively impact final grades.

“The Friday we left for Spring Break, whatever their grade was then it won’t fall below,” said Hance.

Lemons said without guaranteed availability to their teachers, he said it’s impossible to expect the same results from students.

“You don’t want it to be where one kid gets rewarded and another doesn’t because of the different amount of available at home,” said Lemons.

Each district said they are working with their teachers to come up with ways they can interact with students, whether it be email, phone calls or even recorded lectures.

Schools will be “back” in session April 6th, but before then, each district is required to turn in a plan to the state department of education and have that approved.

Parents, be sure to check for updates on your school’s website over the next week or so for more details on distance learning.

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