Realtors facing challenges during covid-19

Realtors facing challenges during covid-19

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Local realtors are still working to find people homes despite the pandemic.

After word got out Wednesday about positive cases of coronavirus in Comanche County. Realtors were marked as non essential.

“The thing is real estate and essential thing because we have some people staying in hotels. Who are waiting to make a close on their house, if everything shuts down, if the closing companies shut down and the lenders and the realtors then they would be stuck," said Barry Ezerski, Realtor.

Barry Ezerski said after realtors in the area made non stop calls to lawmakers and the governor, a new list was released the same day making Realtors essential.

“It was a roller coaster of emotions yesterday. We thought we had it then we didn’t and then when we final got it yesterday afternoon a lot of us was jumping for joy and a sign of relief," said Ezerski.

2020 President for the Lawton board of realtors, Kim Thomas, said realtors have been working with a number of people to see how they can combat covid-19.

“We are encouraging everyone to carry sanitary wipes with them so when they open doors and lock boxes and turn on light switches they can do that," said Thomas.

Thomas just wants to keep everyone educated about how we can prevent this from spreading.

“One of the things we have agreed on with the city mayor is to not host open houses at this time because it’s harder to control the follow of the homes. When you’re doing a private showing of just one buyer or a couple that is a buyer it’s a lot easier explain to them not touching surfaces and being able to watch what they do touch so we can clean before we leave the home," said Thomas.

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