City Wide Curfew, Shelter in Place Order delayed until Thursday

City Wide Curfew, Shelter in Place Order delayed until Thursday

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - If you're driving in Lawton after ten Thursday night be prepared to get pulled over by police and asked for travel papers.

That's when a citywide curfew for non essential workers is set to go into effect to stop the spread of COVID-19.

"I am implementing a curfew from 10 Pm until 5 Am on all citizens. Only essential workers with their essential worker letter will be allowed on the street," said Mayor Stan Booker.

Mayor Stan Booker announced his Shelter in Place Order on Facebook Live at noon Tuesday, those were originally going to be implemented Wednesday at noon.

But, that was pushed back until Thursday to give the city council a chance to weigh in.

"The Mayor wanted to get with everybody and make sure we are all on the same page with our messaging and what we are doing,” said City Councilman Jay Burk.

Under the proposed curfew, Burk said he fully expects businesses that are already essential, like fast food restaurants and convenience stores and open late to remain open late, as they will need to be an option for those working late.

But, the issue is who is actually allowed to go after 10 PM.

"We are trying to come up with what will be a letter head from the business with the person's name on it. Stating what their business is and why it's essential, and that they fit in the category. So, the police will pull those people over after that curfew time,” said Burk.

This curfew decision was a hot topic throughout the community. Some questioning whether or not it's the right call for Lawton,

"I think it's a wonderful idea. I think people need to take this very seriously, and take every precaution,” said Parin Gandhi.

Another man walking at Elmer Thomas Park said this decision could be a positive one, but he questions where the city goes from here if the curfew isn't enough to keep people home.

"I don't know what much more you could do to get people to understand this is serious,” said Dennis Meyer.

And with the police planning on monitoring cars out, Meyer said it's important to make sure the public is informed.

"You are going to have people test the system, and they will be out. They just need to know what the law is,” said Meyer.

Burk said making sure the public is informed is one of the reason's this won't take place until Thursday.

"We want to be fair to everybody, business and citizens , so were just trying to slowly walk this through,” said Burk.

You can find the rest of the proposed mandates on the city’s website.

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