How to keep pets on a normal routine amid coronavirus pandemic

Updated: Apr. 3, 2020 at 12:05 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -Many peoples’ daily routines are changing due to the coronavirus, and a lot of people are at home more because of it. This can mean more time to spend with your pets.

“A dog doesn’t know that we have a pandemic, so you have to keep him on the same schedule you had before it this is possible," said Dog Trainer, Matthias Zehfuss.

This includes things like feeding, putting them in the kennel, and taking them out to use the bathroom.

“So let’s assume you get up at 7 and you are taking him out, don’t get up at 5 now, or get up at 10 and let him out because when you go back to your old schedule, the dog is kind of confused and you may have house breaking problems after that," said Zehfuss.

Dr. Larry Chambers said too much time around your pets isn’t always a good thing.

“You find yourself faced with a situation where you’re around your animal more than he’s use to. If you’re not careful you’ll kind of spoil them and get them out of their routine, and so when it comes time to separate from them, they may experience some anxiety so you need to still practice if you can some separation from those guys," said Dr. Chambers.

Zehfuss said keeping your dog both mentally and physically entertained is important.

“Instead of doing more and more cuddles, go outside and do some obedience with your dog and like I said earlier maybe throw the ball around a little bit," said Zehfuss.

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