Medicine Park church hosts food pantry for those in need

Medicine Park church hosts food pantry for those in need

MEDICINE PARK, Okla. (TNN) - A church in Medicine Park is reaching out to their community and lending a helping hand to those in need amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Last Thursday, First Baptist Church started a food pantry for members in their community.

Many people in Medicine Park have already donated to the cause, making this possible.

“Within a days time, we’ve gathered up probably enough food for several families," said Dan Fuller, a member of First Baptist Church. "We’ve already had families come in and picked up food. We had one lady in our community that did not have a car, so we gathered up food and took it to her last night.”

Members of the church, along with first responders, went around last week handing out flyers to put on doors if someone is ill and gave information about where to go for assistance.

“We passed out a list of information explaining what they’re hearing on T.V. all the time, about what shelter in place and all these different terms that they are using, explained it a little bit and put a list of numbers together for community help, whether it’s the fire department, the police department, what to say, the help hot lines, the counseling if they need it,” said David McCoy, Medicine Park Fire Chief and First Baptist Church member.

Candace McCoy said she encourages those who need help to reach out.

“This is probably one of the scariest times that we’ve seen, and people need to know that the community is there and not feel so isolated," said Candace McCoy. "There’s people they can call if they need counseling or food, or just to say hello and how are you doing.”

Fuller said it is great to see the community coming together during this time.

“There’s people out there that they need food, but to be able to share it with what they have it’s just kind of rewarding," said Fuller. "It’s what the Bible teaches us to do, give what we have.”

If you are a Medicine Park resident in need of food, or would like to donate, you can reach out to First Baptist Church on Facebook.

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