A box has impacted a local community in a good way

A box has impacted a local community in a good way

MARLOW, Okla. (TNN) - A Blessing Box in Marlow has become a safe for place for the community to donate to people in need during the pandemic.

The Blessing Box at First United Methodist Church has been around for about two years and is being used more than ever because of covid-19.

“It has been fantastic due to social distancing we have a lot of elders in our community that necessarily want to go to the store that do come by here several times a day," said Rose Massey, Founder of the Blessing Box.

Items such as canned food, candy, cleaning supplies, body wash, books and much more can be found in the box. Anyone is welcome to donate or take what they need from the box.

“We fill the box up several times a day and our community helps us out greatly by coming and up the boxes. It also has been a good thing for several families as well they take their children and they come up here and it gets them out of their homes and allows them to do something for our community," said Massey.

Pam Ferguson has donated to the box since its beginning. She said before the outbreak she would add to the box about two or three times a week but has scaled back in an effort to stay out of grocery stores.

“So I try to come by at least once a week and put items in," said Ferguson.

Ferguson said she enjoys giving back to the community, and helping someone in need.

“It’s just a good feeling you know you’re giving back and we have such a giving, kind , generous community that it’s contagious and it makes everyone else want to give back also," said Ferguson.

You can donate to the Blessing Box in Marlow by dropping off items at the First United Methodist Church or the Eastside Baptist Church.

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