UPDATE: City of Lawton changes course, says new rules will go into effect on April 15

UPDATE: City of Lawton changes course, says new rules will go into effect on April 15
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The City of Lawton says changes they announced earlier today would go into effect on Friday, will not be going into effect on Friday and instead are slated to go into effect on April 15.

From City of Lawton officials:

"Following the 4/7/20 Crisis Management Team meeting, the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem have determined to delay further civil emergency implementations discussed at today’s City Council meeting in order to give additional time for compliance and preparation.

Proposed measures are now slated to go into effect 4/15/20, following the City Council meeting.

Efforts to prevent further spread of COVID-19, as discussed at the 4/7/20 Council meeting, included restrictions on fishing/hunting/recreational water activities on City property; facial covering requirements; and mandatory quarantine for certain travelers, as outlined on COVID-19 updates at lawtonok.gov.

Further updates to this situation will be announced following the City Council meeting next week."


LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - City leaders for Lawton continue to make changes to the civil emergency order issued by Mayor Stan Booker in mid-March.

During a special meeting on Tuesday morning the Mayor and councilmembers announced they would be making further amendments to the order.

The council approved a motion by Jay Burk which gives the Mayor Pro-Tem equal emergency powers currently only given to the Mayor under the city charter. Burk currently holds that position on the City Council. Councilor Randy Warren was named as third in the continuity of government plan to take over if the Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem find themselves unable to perform their duties.

The council also announced starting Friday citizens will be required to wear cloth or paper face masks, copying similar orders issued across the state by different cities including Altus.

Officials also announced they would be banning hunting, fishing and boating on city owned property starting Friday. Camping and campgrounds were already closed by previous orders.

The new amendments will be signed later today.

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