Fishing ban, face masks among emergency order additions postponed

Fishing ban, face masks among emergency order additions postponed

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The City of Lawton is now giving you until next week to comply with its latest emergency order, to wear a mask in public.

Mayor Stan Booker and council initially put the order into effect for this Friday, but told us around 5:30 this afternoon that it was being delayed until next Wednesday.

7News received several calls and messages about the masks today.

In response to questions this evening, the city posted to its Facebook that people would not be required to wear a mask in their yards, but WOULD have to in cars.

One Lawtonian has been sewing masks for medical workers, and said access to some type of mask shouldn't be an issue.

"Everybody at least a tshirt in their closet they wouldn't mind cutting up, and some rubber bands around the house. It doesn't have to be pretty, it just has to be practical,” said Shannon Jacobson.

Also in a comment on the city's Facebook post regarding the delay... the city clarified, stating quote... "updates provided prior to finalized orders are meant to provide an overview, versus details of what is required."

City officials went on to say citizens and business owners should prepare to have masks on hand.

And Whether it happens Friday, or the 15th, people across Lawton are voicing their frustration over a potential ban on hunting, fishing and boating on city owned property.

As COVID-19 related mandates continue to be added to Lawton’s Shelter in Place, some in Lawton said social distancing and out door activities go hand in hand.

“It’s all about finding your spot and doing your own thing, enjoying nature. Doing that, there’s entire world’s of nature, so it’s easy to stay away from each other,” said Clifton Mayo, who loves to fish with his son.

“A rod is 6 foot long, there’s no reason anything should be fishing neck and neck,” said Avid Outdoorsman Avery Robinson.

For some…these outdoor activities provide more than just a way to get out of the house.

“A lot of us, this is how we provide. Going out and fishing – bringing home the latest catch,” said Robinson.

“We take back what we catch, we scale and we have fun eating what we catch,” said Mayo.

Robinson said he understands the city’s frustration with the lack of social distancing… it just seemed like council’s decision came out of nowhere.

“I didn’t really see an explanation, I didn’t see the CDC say this is a big risk, this is imposing a risk to spread the virus,” said Robinson.

Youtube Video explaining how to make homemade mask -

From the special Council meeting on April 7th – These were delayed, and will be now be effective April 15th after further discussion and potential adjustments

- Lawton City Council voted to amend City Code providing the Mayor Pro Tem with additional powers, duties and responsibilities in conjunction with the Mayor

- Council chose Randy Warren as third in command during emergency order

- City of Lawton plans to adopt items 8-15 from Altus’ emergency order – focusing on self-quarantine measures, and restricting travel into Lawton from places with high COVID 19 cases

- Facemasks required: can be made from socks, scarves, paper. City recommends you avoid purchasing medical masks, as those remain hard to acquire for medical professionals

- City voted to prohibit fishing, hunting and boating on all city owned property

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