Health professionals discuss how to not stress eat amid Covid-19

Health professionals say people are stress eating amid Covid-19

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -People are spending more time at home because of the coronavirus pandemic and that can mean many people are stress eating.

Health professionals say we are in a crisis mode right now which can affect us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Diabetic Educator, Michelle White said she believes many people do not realize they’re stress eating.

“You see there’s a little bag of chips, or something that catches your eye and you say that looks good I’ll eat that, and not realize that we’re actually one not hungry, and two bored because that’s where I think a lot of the stress eating is coming from is that our daily activities have come to a grinding halt," said White.

Registered Dietitian, Jan Miller said it’s important to establish an eating plan and to not skip meals.

“If you can kind of get yourself programmed back into at this time of day I did this, at this time of day I did that. Try not to just have one meal a day because a lot of studies are indicating that people that skip meals really do increase their hunger hormones and that is something that is related to us stress eating," said Miller.

She said to drink a lot of water and avoid sweetened drinks, and soda. Making sure that we are choosing healthy foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables are essential, and when we want that snack, stay away from the candy.

“A cheese stick and a couple of crackers would be good. Try to grab fruit for your snacks instead of candy bars because your fruit is going to give you some fiber and vitamins and minerals. You may have teddy grahams right now, teddy grahams scooped in some peanut butter is a nice snack, or graham crackers and peanut butter," said Miller.

Miller adds that not getting enough sleep can increase hunger hormones. We want to aim for 6-8 hours. Also finding something to occupy your time such as playing games with your family, and staying active are needed to reduce stress and boredom.

“Just find what makes you breathe, find what makes you smile and laugh, and like Jan said it’s going to be okay we are going to get through this it may take a little bit of time, but we’re in some good hands and I’ll think we will make it through this without any problems," said White.

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