Duncan church holds drive-thru services amid COVID-19 pandemic

Duncan church holds drive-thru services amid COVID-19 pandemic

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - A Duncan church celebrated Easter a little differently Sunday morning. Instead of live-streaming their service like most churches, members were able to watch from their cars out front.

Praise and worship is exactly what took place at Fair Baptist Church Sunday morning. Members were able to fellowship with one another from a distance.

Pastor Shawn Kirk said they have been holding a drive-thru service for four weeks now.

“As you can see there’s a lot of work that goes into getting this taken care of and getting this done, but we really enjoy it because we get to come together," said Pastor Kirk. "Even though I don’t get to interact like I want to with the people here, my church family, I still get to see them somewhat in their vehicle.”

The idea came from members of the church. Pastor Kirk said they made sure the city was okay with them holding a drive-thru service first, and since they started, it has been a success.

Pastor Kirk said he has been a pastor for only a couple of months.

“I never imagined my first Easter sermon that I ever got to preach in my life would be on a trailer stage facing automobiles, but we’re really excited I get to do this and speak to people and not just an empty building,” said Pastor Kirk.

Sara Kirk said these services have been going great and that she enjoys being able to see everyone.

“We can still at least get out of the house and wave and say hi and have an opportunity to crack our windows, and be able to listen and sing along as a church,” said Sara.

Pastor Kirk said their attendance has actually gone up during this time, and everyone is handling this transition well.

“We’re just excited that this day we get to celebrate our risen savior and what that means to us," said Pastor Kirk. “We get to still come together, even though we’re not how we usually are, we get to come together as a church family,” said Pastor Kirk.

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