Duncan Chisholm Trail Heritage Center using Zoom to teach virtually

Duncan Chisholm Trail Heritage Center using Zoom to teach virtually

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - The Duncan Chisholm Trail Heritage Center is closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, that is not stopping them from educating families from a distance.

The Duncan Chisholm Trail Heritage Center will be going live online next week with the first of their Zoom meetings. Edie Stewart, an educational instructor, said around this time each year, hundreds of kids are taking a field trip out to the museum.

“The education program here has really come to a halt," said Stewart. "This is our way of kind of reigniting some of that program that we have to offer and just being able to reach the public and reach those students.”

Stewart said each week they will cover different topics related to the Chisholm Trail.

Wednesday, they will discuss cowboy gear.

“We’re going to talk about those men who spent their days, long, hardworking days on a horse and all of things they brought with them to make that journey possible,” said Stewart.

Executive Director, Scott Metelko, said there is a lot to learn at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center, and they want to continue spreading knowledge during this time.

“The Zoom meetings are going to have a lot of different subjects, but if you can come away with a little bit of the history, a little bit of the culture, maybe see a little bit of the art of the American west, that would be a win for us," said Metelko.

Stewart will be helping lead the meetings and said she is looking forward to it.

“Just to be able to share all that with people again and to see faces I hope, a lot of faces on the Zoom meeting, and interaction with people, I’m really excited about that opportunity,” said Stewart.

The Zoom meetings will last about 30 minutes and be followed with a question and answer.

These Zoom meetings will be held every Wednesday at 3 p.m. and are free to join in and watch.

You can go to the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center on Facebook to find a link to the Zoom meetings and learn more about what the topics will be each week.

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