Medical marijuana dispensaries still busy despite coronavirus

Medical marijuana dispensaries still busy despite coronavirus

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Because they’re listed as essential businesses, medical marijuana dispensaries are still open and we’re learning business has actually increased in the last few weeks.

Coronavirus or not, customers are still visiting medical marijuana dispensaries.

“Busy. Busy. There’s a lot of people out of work but a lot of people still working. We definitely haven’t seen a slowdown in business,” said DeRuse Cooper at Buds CBD & Dispensary.

”It’s been amazing. With this quarantine, it seems like people have extra money and time in their hands so they’re able to get medicated,” said Christopher Holder at Starbuds Lawton.

With the increase in business, there’s also been a bigger push to clean and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

"We’ve had a lot of new sanitizing practices, we’re going in and sanitizing after every patient, we do a full clean every 30 minutes so we’re keeping ourselves safe and others safe as well,” Holder said.

We put our sneeze guard up before the deadline went in, we’ve got hand sanitizers everywhere. We consulted with some local physicians as far as signage and spacing that we need to have appropriately displayed outside our front door,” Cooper said.

While it’s been tough to adjust to their new normal, both dispensary managers say they’re happy to do whatever is needed to continue offering their services during these hard times.

“That’s definitely the first thing we hear from the majority of our patients when they do come in the front door is how happy they are that we’re able to stay open,” Cooper said.

”We are just as important as Walgreen’s, CVS, any of your other pharmacies. Those patients go there and get their prescriptions filled there, our patients come here and get their prescriptions filled here. Just as important as a pharmacy,” Holder said.

Dispensaries have also changed how customers are allowed to shop. For example, customers are no longer allowed to smell the marijuana or touch the jars it's stored in to prevent contamination.

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