Faxon woman participates in Front Porch Project

Faxon woman participates in Front Porch Project

FAXON, Okla. (TNN) - Photographers across the country are taking part in the Front Porch Project. This documents the lives of families during the Coronavirus Pandemic through portraits.

Stacy Pearce is taking part in the Front Porch Project capturing photos of families outside their home during this time of quarantine. She has taken photos of 50 families in Faxon, Chattanooga and surrounding area these last two weeks.

She said families are using this as an opportunity to get nice family photos taken, or to have fun and be silly.

“They’ve taken a cue from the times with toilet paper, and just wine maybe for the moms who are stressed, computers, laptops, cap and gowns for seniors that aren’t maybe getting a graduation," said Pearce.

She is taking the photos free of charge and giving the option for families to donate to the Lawton Food Bank, Regional Food Bank, or the Chattanooga Backpack for Kids Program.

“It’s not about me, it’s about these kids who maybe don’t have food, or these families who are wondering how to put food on the table, for the people getting these portraits to donate to those people in need," said Pearce.

April Huitt signed her family up to have portraits taken. She said it was an opportunity to have fun, and show the life of a quarantined mom.

“The idea behind it was just I have a new born, he is 7 months old, and then I have this little guy who is 3 and just wild having fun, and the baby is being a baby. Stacy was so fun to work with. She pulled up and saw us and she giggled, and we just had fun with it, and I think it was good for my boys to have some fun during this time," said Huitt.

Stacy said she was told by someone that this is bringing joy to a lot of people.

“People are looking for a reason to get outside of their house, they’re looking for a reason to get dressed up, they’re looking for a reason to put on makeup and do their hair. This is something that would be fun for everyone to participate in, and it has been for everyone I’ve captured," said Pearce.

Stacy said currently the families have donated a total of about $1,500 to one of the organizations.

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