Genevieve Fund helps cover emergency medical costs for pets

Genevieve Fund helps cover emergency medical costs for pets

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -The Lawton Veterinary Hospital has been offering the Genevieve Fund for a couple of years now. It's used to help cover medical expenses of emergency situations a pet owner may face.

Staff members said this funding has been heavily utilized. The Genevieve fund is named after a pet who now lives at the clinic. Her previous family couldn't afford her medical costs after getting hit by a car not too long after they adopted her.

The Lawton Veterinary Hospital took Genevieve in after they treated her. Practice Manager, Alana Buckner said the fund is being used more with people spending time outside.

“A lot of accidents especially when the weather is nice people are outside, we have snake bite victims, we have broken legs, things like that, so it’s definitely in the summer off the charts with how much we see it," said Buckner.

Just Tuesday, The Genevieve fund was in the negative, but overnight that changed with donations made from the community. Alana said they are seeing more people with lower funds because they are not able to work amid the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“We always give estimates before treatment and there’s always several different options. Some people can’t afford hospitalization, then we worry about at home treatment, donated medications, different things like that whatever we can do to keep the cost down because our priority really is the pets," said Buckner.

The Genevieve fund is used to cover half the medical cost, and has helped over 100 animals. You can learn more The Lawton Veterinary Hospital’s Facebook Page.

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