Frederick High School art program named finalist in $50k Vans art contest

Frederick High School art program named finalist in $50k Vans art contest

FREDERICK, Okla. (TNN) - The Frederick High School Art Department is one of just 25 finalists in a nationwide contest that could win them $50,000.

The Frederick High School Art program is a finalist in the annual Vans Custom Culture contest, put on by the shoe company Vans. 500 schools were sent two pairs of shoes each and told to do whatever they wanted with them, as long as each fit a certain guideline.

"A local flavor that centers around where the kids grew up and off the wall, which is the Vans trademark slogan,” said Frederick High School Art Director Clint Reid.

For the local flavor, the shoes focused on the Frisco train in Frederick, the Ramona Theater, Frederick’s brick roads and Oklahoma sunsets.

"Nobody likes their hometown when they’re growing up and in school. You know, there’s nothing to do and it’s so boring. But I really wanted to use this project to impress upon the kids the unique things of Frederick,” Reid said.

For the other “off the wall” submission? As you’d expect, things went a little off the walls.

“Somebody wanted to do a battle between two spaceships, I thought that was cool. We also had like pirate ships and a kraken attacking a pirate ship, we all wanted to incorporate that,” said Frederick High School Junior Caroline Newman.

”So, we said pirates are cool, spaceships are cool, Kraken are cool, aliens are cool. Let’s just turn it into a space themed monster tearing apart a ship,” Reid said.

500 schools entered the contest, now just 25 remain.

"It’s really cool to make something, we’re eight hours a day just doing sitting and doing writing and talking. Having something you can do with your hands, just sit down and make something and feel good about what you made. I didn’t know how proud this was going to make me. Like we made top 25,” Newman said.

While top 25 is great, the goal is to win. First prize is $50,000. Reid says that money could truly help the department while Newman says it could create a legacy for the art program at Frederick.

"Having a $50,000 grant essentially of the art department would allow us to upgrade all the old equipment that we make do with just because we have to. That’s just how it is. So, this would let us spoil the kids a little bit,” Reid said.

"Choir does so many good things like they win so many competitions and so many awards, robotics they’ve gone to worlds. Art really hasn’t been able to do anything like that and it’d be amazing if we could win something like that,” Newman said.

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