Oklahoma begins issuing REAL IDs in pilot program

Oklahoma begins issuing REAL IDs in pilot program

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (TNN) -Oklahoma will begin issuing REAL ID-compliant drivers licenses at some locations across the state beginning July 1st.

7 News Anchor Makenzie Burk got hers Wednesday in Oklahoma City as part of the state's pilot program.

The Department of Public Safety allowed several people to get their REAL IDs Wednesday. It’s a process that takes less than 20 minutes, and if you want to board a plane or enter a federal facility, you’ll need to have one.

Oklahoma is one of the last states to become REAL ID compliant, after receiving several extensions from the Department of Homeland Security.

The REAL IDs are optional for Oklahomans, unless you plan to travel, or go onto military installations like Fort Sill or Altus Air Force Base.

“Anyone that wants to fly domestically or enter a federal building,” said Jeff Hankins, Director of Driver License Services. “Now if you have a U.S. passport, that U.S. passport will allow you to fly and also get you in to public buildings, but a lot of people don’t want to carry their passports.”

The process takes about as long as it does to get your drivers license, but you’ll need a few more documents.

“U.S. passport, or U.S. birth certificate, social security card, if they don’t have their card, they can use a W-2 that’s got their social security number on it,” said Hankins. “And two proofs of residence address. It can be utility bill, car insurance, income tax papers. Anything that’s got their name and address on there.”

You’ll have to bring these documents for the first time. After we’ve got all these scanned into the system, the next time all you’ll need is these two items," said a DPS clerk.

You’ll get your picture taken, answer a few questions, and get fingerprinted.

To renew the license it cost $38.50, and to replace it, it’s $25.

For those who already have a passport, DPS recommends that you don’t come in, but rather wait till you need to renew your passport.

Through their pilot program, DPS has issued just over 100 REAL ID compliant licenses.

They plan to roll this out across the state to all DPS locations and tag agencies by the end of the 2020.

“We’ll train in Oklahoma City first, and issue the equipment here, then move to Tulsa, and then probably to the Lawton area,” said Hankins. “We’re trying to get the bigger areas that have the most populations, trying to get more people in. Instead of the rural areas, but we’ll get to the rural areas as soon as we can.”

Once you’re finished, you’ll receive a temporary license that you’ll need to have with you. Your REAL ID-compliant license will then be sent to you in 7 to 10 business days.

DPS officials say Lawton should begin issuing the REAL IDs towards the middle of August.

For more information on the REAL ID-compliant licenses, visit www.realid.ok.gov.

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