Daughter seeks answers in 2009 Lawton cold case

Daughter seeks answers in 2009 Lawton cold case

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The daughter of a Lawton cold case victim is seeking justice.

August 4, 2009, a day Amberly Taylor will never forget.

Her mother Dorit Keller was found murdered inside a hotel room in Lawton.

Lawton Police never found a suspect and the case went cold.

“Her death was undetermined there was no autopsy done. There were three people in the hotel room with her whenever she died and one was her boyfriend and the other person is unidentified," said Taylor.

She said her while mother had her issues, she was deep down a good person and many could attest to her character.

“My mother was like the hood mommy like all the kids came to our house. She raised probably nine neighborhood kids of girls that she worked with who would go to the penitentiary or would have to do weekends in jail or something like that," said Taylor.

She said over the years, she’s kept in touch with police and uses social media to reach out for answers. She has also joined an Oklahoma Cold Case Facebook group.

Lawton Police Sergeant Timothy Jenkins explained the process of how cold cases are handled.

“When we do get cold cases in our systems a lot of them have already of been assigned the issue is a lot of those detectives who have those cases may retire or may have left the department and that case has to be reassigned to another detective and then that process continues," said Jenkins.

He said once new detectives get those cases they start from the beginning.

They look over every piece of information, make phone calls, and try to find new leads.

If nothing new comes up the case is closed again.

As for Taylor, she said she won’t stop searching until her mother’s murderer is found.

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