STATE UPDATE: Number of recoveries in the state surge, new cases reported in SWOK

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (TNN Texoma) - Recoveries across the state of Oklahoma surged on Wednesday morning.

The total of recoveries jumped 312, a 6.5-percent increase which pushed the total number of recoveries to 5,135.

Greer County shows to have fully recovered as a county after being a hotspot early on in the pandemic with over 60 cases popping up in the county of just over 5,000 residents.

Confirmed cases in the state rose by 92 and deaths increased by four. The totals now stand at 6,229 and 322, respectively.

Across southwest Oklahoma, 11 new cases were reported but no new deaths.

Comanche County shows four new cases, Caddo and Grady show three and Jefferson County added their fourth confirmed case.

Comanche shows to have 218 recoveries on the state website. Caddo is at 109 and Grady is at 59.


You can view the numbers by going to the state’s website.

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