Leslie Powell Gallery organizing a Visual Protest

Leslie Powell Gallery organizing a Visual Protest

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The Leslie Powell Gallery has come up with a way for voices to be heard through Art.

Matthew Hughes with Leslie Powell Gallery said he wanted to put out this message.

“We are not satisfied, I’m not satisfied, you’re not satisfied, everybody is not satisfied," said Hughes.

So Hughes came up with this.

“I want to open up the gallery for a protest to showcase artwork by people of color and it doesn’t matter what their age is, it doesn’t matter what their status is, if their professionals, amateurs or haven’t done anything before but they want to have they voices heard they can put something in here.”

Hughes said people of color can put anything that is visual in the gallery.

“What I would love is just walls plastered with stuff," said Hughes

June 8, people will be able to bring in the artwork to be displayed during operation hours.

“I want this to be evolving if I have a lot of people in June bring me art that’s great and if I have some stragglers that brings art in July that’s fine and if some bring me art two days before the last day I’m going to put it up because I want their voice to be heard," said Hughes.

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