ELECTION PREVIEW: City of Marlow to feature three propositions on ballot

ELECTION PREVIEW: City of Marlow to feature three propositions on ballot

MARLOW, Okla. (TNN) - Our election previews take us to Marlow, where voters will have a chance to amend three sections of the city charter.

When voters head to the polls on June 30th, Marlow's city charter, created in 1971 will potentially undergo serious changes.

The first proposition involves changes to city council.

“If you are a renter, you can’t be a city councilman. Well, that’s against state law, and needs to get changed,” said City Administrator Jason McPherson.

For this change to happen, this proposition proposes eliminating three simple words.

“Taking out ‘and property taxpayers” it opens it up to renters and property owners,” said McPherson.

Proposition number two calls for the elimination of the personnel board that oversees city employees and issues at the work place.

Mcpherson said the only issue is that it’s never been utilized.

“We wanted to talk to the employees and say hey, we have a personnel board you can use if you ever need it. The overwhelming response was that we don’t need that and that’s what the handbook and policies are for,” said McPherson.

Mcpherson said the third and final proposition was designed to update the way Marlow does business.

Voters will decide whether or not to update the price tag required for work to be bid on, currently set at $1,000.

“We had wind damage at the police department, on shingles. Well it was going to be over 1,000 so we had to bid on that. So for three months, in the rainy season we couldn’t fix the roof,” said McPherson.

The proposition sets the new minimum at $50,000, a significant jump, but one McPherson said is needed because most of the work being bid on doesn’t come close to that.

“50K jobs are building projects, street projects. Repairs, things like that need to be done quickly, and efficiently,” said McPherson.

Precinct voting is next Tuesday from 7 to 7, but early voting starts this Thursday at the Stephens Co Courthouse.

This will be on the ballot as three separate items to vote on.

We will have the results next Tuesday night.

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