Duncan teen dies after falling off roof of moving car

Duncan teen dies after falling off roof of moving car

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - The Duncan Police Department says a teenager died last week after falling off the top of a car.

Sixteen-year-old Thomas Redhead passed away following an accident in a Duncan parking lot last Wednesday night.

“A couple of juvenile males jumped on the trunk of a car. The car started pulling off through the parking lot. One of the juveniles jumped off and the other one attempted to jump off or slid off, either way, don’t know which one for sure, but either way he lost his footing, fell and hit his head. He was unresponsive, taken to the hospital and transferred to Oklahoma City, where he died a couple of days later,” said Detective Josh Branch.

Detective Branch said it happened in the parking lot of the Elk Plaza shopping center, which is a popular hangout spot for Duncan kids.

“It’s a common place for juveniles to hang out in a group but I mean, it’s the first instance of anything like this in that area,” Branch said.

Branch said at this time, no charges are expected to be filed in the case. He said given Redhead’s age, this situation is a very difficult one.

“Anytime it’s a juvenile, it’s especially tough. Especially if you have kids at home or anything yourself, it makes it more difficult,” Branch said.

Branch says he doesn’t know exactly how fast the car was moving when Redhead fell. But, a large group of kids witnessed the accident and told him the car was moving at normal parking lot speed.

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