Health officials asking COVID patients to stay inside

Oklahoma State Department of Health

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - As positive Coronavirus cases increase in Southwest Oklahoma, the State Department of Health is dealing with a new issue.

Brandie Combs with the Oklahoma State Department of Health said some people are taking precautions.

“Some are not, some are saying it’s not your business, yes I’m positive but I’m still going to go to work and that is not beneficial to the community at all,” said Combs.

Combs said a few aren’t even answering their phone when they call to inform them out their case.

“It’s important that when we call and yes sometimes it is from an anonymous number. We have new numbers and hopefully that numbers show up and that can help. We need people to call back because we are going to be doing home visitations.”

Combs said they only do in-home visits if there are positive cases and people are refusing to quarantine.

It’s not something they want to do but will do if necessary.

“Case tracing and case investigation are critical they’re like the only tool public health has to kind of combat the spread as we start opening up and trying to maintain a normalcy of having businesses open,” said Regional Director Mendy Spohn.

Spohn said anyone who has tested positive needs to let the department know who they’ve been in contact with.

“I just want to get the message out there that you are not getting anyone in trouble by saying you were in contact with them, actually you’re protecting them,” said Spohn.

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