MILITARY TUESDAY: Fitness check-in

Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 9:23 PM CDT
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FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - We are switching it up this week on Post, because today is Military Tuesday. Usually the health and wellness series airs on Monday nights, but due to the holiday weekend it was pushed back a day.

7News reporter, Hunter McEachern, is getting closer to her go of the Army Combat Fitness Test. On Tuesday she met with Fort Sill Master Fitness Trainers to go over each of the events, plus she got new body composition results from the Bod Pod.

The ACFT starts with the maximum deadlift. To pass, a soldier must complete three reps at least at 140 pounds.

Next, the standing power throw: a 10 pound medicine ball thrown backwards overhead for at least 4.5 meters.

Third is the hand release push-up. Soldiers have two minutes to complete as many reps with proper form, with 10 to pass.

Fourth is the sprint-drag-carry. To pass, soldiers complete a sprint, sled drag, lateral shuffle, carry kettlebells, then a final sprint in three minutes or less.

The fifth event is the leg tuck. There is no time limit for this event, but a soldier must complete at least one rep to pass.

Finally, a soldier must complete a two mile run in 21 minutes or less.

After the ACFT run through, Hunter visited the Graham Performance Enhancement Center for her final Bod Pod results.

“So you came in at 18.7%, which puts you at the very low end of lean,” said Stacey Oliver, health educator on Fort Sill. ”What’s really exciting to look at is you dropped over six pounds of fat in the last five weeks, and then the really exciting part for me, I love to look at, is your fat free weight. You went from 113.4 pounds up to 118.4 pounds. So five full pounds of muscle, essentially, is what you gained in the last five weeks. So a pound a week, which is phenomenal.”

Oliver and Hunter then talked about how she should prepare this week leading up to her ACFT.

“Depending on how your body is feeling to your workouts, you can scale back quite a bit on the amount of weight that you’re lifting,” said Oliver. “Just keep your body moving through those movements, but the intensity level can drop a little bit, and give your muscles and your body time to just kind of rejuvenate and get ready.”

Oliver also told Hunter to focus on her fuel- getting plenty of good quality calories to ensure she will perform optimally next Monday morning.

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