Velma-Alma senior needs your help providing pencils to her teachers

Velma-Alma senior needs your help providing pencils to her teachers

VELMA, Okla. (TNN) - A local senior is collecting pencils for the teachers at Velma-Alma.

This started last year, as a way to give back to her school.

Heading into the fall semester, Velma-Alma senior Kaelen Estep is on a mission to help her teachers.

“After talking with teachers, pencils were the most helpful item so I decided to just do pencils this year,” said Velma-Alma senior Kaelen Estep.

The school’s counselor said Kaelen’s decision to help the teachers is inspiring, and helps fill in the financial gaps many schools face.

“Supplies are very costly for teachers. We are in a great district, they meet all of our needs,” said Velma-Alma Counselor Kim Justus. “But it’s not uncommon for a teacher to spend a couple hundred dollars on supplies. They just go buy themselves because they don’t want to ask the district.”

The pencils will be separated between classes.

Kaelen hopes this will also help her fellow students, who may need help with their own supplies.

“I know there are tons of students who don’t have money to buy supplies on their own, and as a student myself, I lose my pencils all the time, like everyday,” said Estep.

“When a student comes to class and has lost their pencil, which they do it happens, then they are poorly equipped for class,” said Justus. It makes a big difference for the teacher to have these readily available.”

Kaelen said she’s hopeful this project will continue even after she graduates in May.

"It's so nice to see the smiles on their faces, and I hope projects like this that I enjoy doing will help inspire other kids to do projects to help around the community."

If you want to help Kaelen reach her goal of 10,000, Tuesday is the perfect day to help as pencils are actually on discount as part of Amazon’s deal of the day.

Here’s a link to her Amazon wish list

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