Staying alert while driving saves lives

tow trucks

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A day after a tow truck was killed on I-44 while trying to hook up a truck, towing experts explains what drivers need to do to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

Tow Truck Driver Donald Perdue said he’s had too many close encounters while doing his job.

“I was underneath a vehicle one time and I almost got my legs run over and my legs were in the safety zone and the car almost hit me,” said Perdue

Checker Wrecker & Auto Salvage Manager Elaine Hilz said drivers can look for these things to avoid hitting towers.

“We wear bright colored shirts, use safety cones and we have light all over our trucks, all of our trucks are reflective. We take every step can to make sure our drivers are safe,” said Hilz.

She said drivers should also pay more attention to there surroundings instead of using their phones while on the road.

“November 1st of last year it was passed through the State House that allowed wrecker operators to fall under the slow down and move over law. So It’s actually illegal if you come up on somebody whether is a wrecker, somebody with their hazards on or the police on the side of the road and you don’t slow down or move over you can get a ticket,” said Hilz.

Perdue said people failing to obey the law is an ongoing issue.

“I wish they would slow down, move over, do something just for my safety. I got a family to go home to just like they do,” said Perdue.

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